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SHADY. Really, really shady. So shady, in fact, that it really pissed me off.

This place doesn't deserve any of the cyberspace air time that I'm giving it so I'm going to keep this short.

I dropped off a bunch of my husband's clothes for Renee to sell on ebay: 7 pairs of pants along with a jacket and a pair of shoes. I was given a number and told to call back before the expiration date one month later.

So, I obediently follow Renee's request and call ABOUT 10 times throughout the week before my expiration date. I am not kidding when I say that the phone just rang and rang...what kind of decent business does not have someone picking up their phone during regular hours, or at least some sort of answering machine? (a business that doesn't really give a sh**)

So, determined to find out WTF, I decide to go by her store. I drop by about 2-3 days before the expiration date. This guy called Steven (store manager or owner) says hello and when I tell him I'm there to check to see if my stuff has sold, he says, "do you have your number?" Well, I'm assuming that he was surprised that I did indeed have my number because as soon as I said yes and handed him my number he responded: "um, we don't have the books here in the office so you're going to have to come back."

WTF? WTF? WTF? Why the *** did you just ask me if i had my number then?

I mean, this dude was totally giving me the run around. I wanted to laugh in his face, but I maintained some composure.

He told me to call back the following week, and that he would definitely be there. Ha! I told him that I had been calling and that no one was picking up the phone. He responded that the other beeetch that works there is essentially useless and that I would need to call on a day when he himself would be working.

Of course, the crowing glory of this story is that I did call back guessed it! Nobody picked up.

That was the end of my dealings with Tree Top Merchandise, aka treetopmerchandise1 on ebay. I can't believe that this lame excuse for a "place of business" remains open. I swear it's just a front for some sort of illegal activity.

I don't even care about the clothes I dropped off. I'm just appalled by the store's insincerity and shadiness.

I really hope some homeless person is wearing the clothes i dropped off and that this scummy place did not make a penny off of them.

Monetary Loss: $709.

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in regards to all of the negative and slandering posts/comments/blogs about tree top merchandise (treetopmerchandise1 on ebay).the person who has been putting all of these comments all over the internet has a personal vendetta against us and is using libel and defamation to get at us.

his name is “kevin liu” aka “ji cheng liu” aka many other alias’s. he even sets up phoney ebay accounts to slander us. back in august of 2010 he wanted us to sell some items for him and when we found a receipt in a set of golf clubs he wanted us to sell it turned out that the owner had told us that his house had been burglarized as well as some of his neighbors. my husband and i immediately contacted the authorities and turned all of the stolen merchandise from kevin liu into the police.

since then he has been harrassing us and slandering our online ebay business . this person is wanted by the chicago police. the detective working on his case is detective muscolino at the area 3 police department and can be contacted at 312-744-8263. we also have several harrassment reports on him.

ebay is also aware of what is going on and you are welcome to contact any of the mentioned to confirm.

we run an honest business and as a buyer and seller on ebay you cannot sell counterfeit or stolen merchandise and get away with it.we have been selling on ebay for over 4 years now and our track record on ebay is near perfect.

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