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Ebay is full of dishonest sellers with great feedback.treetopmerchandise1, aka, tree top merchandise is one of those sellers.

I was sold a fake Michael Kors bag. When I got my counterfeit goods I went out of my way to contact treetopmerchandise1 as many times as I could, but this shameless seller simply ignored me, until I left negative feedback. Seller was apparently unhappy about it and tried to trick me into removing my negative feedback by making empty promises. Buyers be aware!

Please please read its negative and neutral(most of which were turned from negative feedbacks) feedbacks!

This is a professional counterfeit goods seller.

Monetary Loss: $557.

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To anyone who reads this posting..Tree Top Merchandise is 100% authentic and some of the finest people that I have ever dealt with through ebay and for furniture.2 weeks ago I purchased an entire Neimann Marcus Royalty furniture set including a king sized bed, dresser, armoire and 2 nightstands.

My interactions with the owner, Renee, prior to picking up the furniture were great. I did become aware of the negative postings before I picked up the furniture myself but didnt want to let that stop me. I also called Neiman Marcus directly before going to their warehouse just so I could be aware of where the furniture was made and have as many details as possible. I was amazed when I arrived at the location of the furniture at a warehouse in DesPlaines, IL, right beside Ohare airport.

They have a huge warehouse with all kinds of furniture and it was busy with many emplyoyees. From that first impression alone you know that this stuff isnt fake. Renee is an awesome person and she walked me around the furniture that I bought as well as her entire warehouse. She was also COMPLETELY FORTHCOMING with all of these concerns posted about her business on the net and it was easy to see that they are completely false.

I cant speak to every detail about how they happened but her business and products are the real deal. When I looked at my furniture it had all the marking and quality of the furniture from Neimann Marcus. Sure the pieces were either store returns,...

I also speak so highly of her because my king sized bed came with the incorrect bed slats ( honest mistake ) and she sent me the correct ones by FedEX arriving the next day. Ive never had such great customer service I plan on doing more business with her in the future. If anyone has any questions you may email me directly. I am a doctor in Wisconsin and will be happy to take the time and support Renee and Tree Top furniture.

Email me at If that isnt enough..visit her warehouse in DesPlaines for yourself.

You will be more than happily surprised.Already looking forward to my next purchases with them.

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in regards to all of the negative and slandering posts/comments/blogs about tree top merchandise (treetopmerchandise1 on ebay).the person who has been putting all of these comments all over the internet has a personal vendetta against us and is using libel and defamation to get at us.

his name is “kevin liu” aka “ji cheng liu” aka many other alias’s. he even sets up phoney ebay accounts to slander us. back in august of 2010 he wanted us to sell some items for him and when we found a receipt in a set of golf clubs he wanted us to sell it turned out that the owner had told us that his house had been burglarized as well as some of his neighbors. my husband and i immediately contacted the authorities and turned all of the stolen merchandise from kevin liu into the police.

since then he has been harrassing us and slandering our online ebay business . this person is wanted by the chicago police. the detective working on his case is detective muscolino at the area 3 police department and can be contacted at 312-744-8263. we also have several harrassment reports on him.

ebay is also aware of what is going on and you are welcome to contact any of the mentioned to confirm.

we run an honest business and as a buyer and seller on ebay you cannot sell counterfeit or stolen merchandise and get away with it.we have been selling on ebay for over 4 years now and our track record on ebay is near perfect.

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